Aug 23, 2012

nature's screechers

all these years earwigs have insisted on sharing our house. 
some years a few, some years a plague. 
to better relate to them, i've read all i could find from earwig scientists and exterminator's websites. 
earwigs came from england. (on the mayflower?)
nothing eats them, except guinea hens. (can that be true?) 
they sometimes emit a foul odor. (when? and why?) 
they are good mommies, guarding their bazillion eggs and then guarding the babbies that hatch out. (redeeming qualities ~ so sweet) 
they eat decaying vegetation. 
they don't get in people's ears. (never. ok maybe once somewhere one did by accident) 
they try to hide if you are trying to kill them, (but they are not very bright)
all these years i thought i was an expert. 
then this week i read in the NYT science section that male earwigs have 2 working penises. (or penes to be correct) 
that's all it says about that subject. (believe it or not) (no why, no how, no pictures)

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