Jun 22, 2012

fish story

around mid-morning john got in his car and drove to the village store and post office. 
walking from the store back to his car, he passed a woman who said "there's a fish on the hood of your car."  
idly his brain muttered to him about how many crazy people there are in the world.  
nonetheless, he walked around to the front of the car, and there on the hood on the passenger side, was a smallish trout.

soon a group of people stood round the front of the car staring at the fish and putting forth theories about how it got there...none of which made much sense. 
although it is actually the car that we bought to replace the one that the flood destroyed, you can't make anything of that!  
eventually ryan came out of the store, looked at the trout, and opined that a bird had dropped it.

that was the best explanation heard, and everyone nodded, reconfirmed in their belief that the world and life actually do make sense.  here's a picture.

(blotches are reflection of tree branches above the car)

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  1. Wow, is he still trying to teach us to fish?