Oct 31, 2011

goosing the poet

geese again!

what is it with the wild geese
here's yet another poem
telling how someone's heart lept
telling how new hope was born on their wings
but tell me, what kind of life is that
like rock stars, they bring us momentary joy,
excitement, forgetfulness of self
and then they are gone in the freezing sky
a damp and dangerous life of wandering, homeless
and what about the tame geese?
what's wrong with 3 square meals and a cozy shed?
a few responsibilities, guarding the house or bullying the sheep?
perhaps a swift death and an afterlife as a quilt
not the cruelty of a broken wing, a coyote family feast?


1 comment:

  1. Hehe Canada geese are pests! Where I have lived, they stay all year round, pooping their greasy crap all over the golf courses, chasing children, biting people, and eating everything that is not nailed down. Maybe your wild geese are a blessing!