Jul 22, 2011

enjoying the heat wave!

hot hot hot!
the east coast heat wave has been in effect here for a couple of days!
being old fashioned, we did what folks did in the old days -- went to the movies!
("Come on in! It's COOL inside!")
not just The Movies, but we went to the brand new Springfield VT (home of Homer Simpson) movie theater, which after 3 years has risen -- just in time to open with the new Harry Potter -- phoenix-like, from the ashes of it's burnt down self.
not long after the town won the distinction of being named the official home of Homer Simpson, some rejected young lover in an apartment above the old downtown movie theater started a fire which burned the whole building down! we've missed having movies just 20 minutes away.
and now it's back!

the other way i've been keeping cool, with plenty of friendly funny companions, is at the ool in Raglan! 
and no UV to worry about either.
mudpie is sunning on the raft in her new bikini.
click to enlarge - dive in!

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