May 6, 2011

mr & mrs phoebe get a new nest

mrs phoebe thinks they'd best be heading north to grab a good nest site.
mr phoebe says nah, nah, no hurry!
last year's nest was in good shape! we'll just fix up that nest.
piece of seedcake!

little did he know
last year's nest -- on top of the light fixture on my back porch -- is gone.
i did appreciate them eating up all the GIANT BARN SPIDERS we used to have BRRRRR!!!!
but not from atop our light fixture!

when the weather felt just like it does
just before we hear FEE-be!  FEE-be!
i cleaned away that old nest
and wrapped screening around that light.

all night i worried
those birds will come home place to live!
so i built them a little platform!

and HOORAY!  when they came back
well she gave him a hard time for a week or so
but then, she relented, and in no time at all 
had a nest on that little platform!

here's how to build one

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