Jan 13, 2011

harnessing the mind!

great news in medicine!
tiny mention in NYT science section a few weeks ago.
this could change lots of things.
doctors have discovered
that if they TELL THE TRUTH
then in certain illnesses, such as I.B.S.,
they give the patient a placebo, and
they say something like
"this is an inert substance, like a sugar pill,
that has been found to produce significant improvement
in I.B.S. symptoms through mind-body
self-healing processes"
the patients given the sugar-pills
in a bottle marked "PLACEBO"
reported significantly better pain relief
and reduction in severity of other symptoms
than those who got nothing.
not just a little better!
"The magnitude of effect here is very large."
said Dr Ted J Kaptchuck a researcher at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

think of it!
trigger the mind-body self-healing process
by giving a pill!

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