Jul 2, 2010


a perfect day for the company summer outing! we spent the afternoon at the lake with burgers and hotdogs and potluck salads and desserts. a bright warm sun, the sky blue with those fluffy decorative clouds, and the breeze was cool and steady. we had horseshoes and vollyeball, and some of us went out in the park's pedal boats. willie's wife didn't want to pedal, so i went with him. after a tour around the lake looking at some of the houses, we pedaled out to the middle and sat in the sun for awhile. something reminded me...willie has a pacemaker and a heart condition.
"Willie" i said "should you be doing this? you could have a heart attack."
"i could!!" he said brightly.
"well what should i do if you have one?" i said.
"nothing." he replied.
"do you have a DNR?"
"well, ok then."

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