Jan 31, 2010


Yesterday afternoon i logged into Second Life for a meeting called by Osprey, the director and creative genius of The Show Must Go On. she wanted to test some new thing she was working on. she asked me to stand on a deserted island, not move, and wear a HUD she gave me. i'm good at this, standing still. after a short wait she shouted (in chat) LUCY, DUCK! and all this horrendous loud quacking noise began and from nowhere appeared well over a dozen GIANT DUCKS-On_BIKES!!! surrounding me quacking like a marshland springtime on steroids and chat-shouting HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY!! it might be the funniest thing that EVER happened to me. i'm still laughing! i invented an acronym that is beyond LMAO and ROFLMAO...it's PMBROFLMAO "peed my britches rolling on floor laughing my ass off" feel free to use it if it ever happens to you! Opsrey the duck (LOL) then presented me with my own duck-on-bike avatar and we flew off to annoy and amuse the folks at a Haiti fund-raiser (we all donated), a live music performance, philip linden's house (he wasn't ta home but we broke in and left him pictures) and a lively pub!
here's Osprey's story from her blog of how she came up with it all, plus you can see the propellers spin in some rough video footage she shot during all the chaos and excitement! http://www.atomic-raygun.com/2010/01/back-in-december-i-started-hatching.html

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