Jan 2, 2010

tripping on no-trip

my friend Jeffrey wrote this great poem after experiencing Warrior Assembly. perhaps it is only meaningful to those of us who have gone through this 2 weeks of Shambhala Buddhist training. but i really like it and hope it resonates in some way with anyone who happens upon it.

True Harlequin Romance

by Jeffrey Slayton

The trip of no-trip is the biggest trip of all
No-trip is the case but not for you
Not for anybody
Here we are on a trip
We long for the release of no-trip
But that’s just another trip
We can’t avoid our sad and tender heart
It is so sad, so beautiful
We are so, so sensitive
From the grossest barbarian
To the subtlest yogi
We turn away
But in this place
On this particular trip
We cannot escape the razorblade-thin path of warriorship
Moment by moment
The shocking glare of the Great Eastern Sun doesn’t stop
Being scared shitless and enjoying the bliss of luminosity is our heritage
Thank Heaven for providing no-trip
But do not disparage the trip that Earth demands
This gives birth to the Sakyong Warrior

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