Jan 17, 2010

Avatar the movie

did i mention i'd seen Avatar? over a week ago in 3D at the Imax.
i'm glad i saw it in 3D at Imax. the technology is awesome, and the first part is art showing off a new medium. absolutely gorgeous and enchanting.
i'm sorry to say there was nothing new or satisfying about the story. unless it was to point out that technology gets better and better and people...well they still suck.
even the natives of pandora and all their oneness with their planet and its flora and fauna...turned out to be zenophobic from the get-go and quite good at mass slaughter of other beings.
i'm not a fan of movies that try to teach a lesson, and yet i believe every movie does just that on some level. some understanding or confirmation is absorbed by the viewer as if, Pandora-like, they had woven their tendrils together with the filmmakers.
could be it's just me, but i'd have liked a story that modeled for us a better way, especially when it portrays beings so much like humans, but just a little better, capable of amazing feats of union with forces we might almost be ready for.
the story as it is may breed many sequels, but none that i'd go see.
i would go see Avatar again, the first part is worth it! i'd just quietly sneak out when it gets to the part where half the audience has their eyes closed and their hands over their ears.
i'll be curious to hear what HBA says because altho he himself has a gentle heart, he revels joyfully in subjects that i find horrifying!

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