Jan 24, 2010

xmas is over?

christmas decorations
when do you take them down?
i used to wonder why vermonters left the evergreen wreath on the door until spring.
until i moved to a house.
i can't get to the front door until spring! and when i do, i'll scrape off the frozen smoosh of the jack-o-lantern, too.
as for those colorful outside lights...well, by then, might as well leave them up for the few months until they're needed again!
my mother has a childhood memory of the year all the kids were sick and her father had tb and the xmas garden stayed up until easter.
we were always late to put up a tree and long in taking it down.
12 days of christmas? epiphany? how about when the recycling center has their day for chipping up the trees? the modern official end to christmas.
not having a tree, my official end is when the batteries die in the candles in the windows.
and that is today.

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