Jan 12, 2010

let them wear hats!

sometimes at work liz and i wear gloves, because even with the heat going, hands get cold!
when she forgot to bring her fleece vest, i said "put on your hat!" since everyone knows that "90% of heat loss is through your head."
turns out she doesn't believe this! (could it be something her mom always says?)
i admit i never gave it much serious thought.
apparently it only works if the rest of you is well clothed.
according to Liz, a naked person would not feel much warmer if they put on a hat.
if you are nekkies, 90% of your heat loss is NOT through your head.
according to liz.
she did not say if she had tested this. is she just going by COMMON SENSE?
which works most of the time, but i for one don't trust it. COMMON SENSE has turned out to be WRONG WRONG WRONG too many times.
please someone try this...stand out in the cold with nothing on, then see if you feel noticeably warmer when you put on a hat...a nice wool tuque pulled down over your ears.
for the sake of science.
and please don't send pictures, just your subjective conclusions.

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  1. Here is the answer, and since it comes from England it must be true:
    "Closer inspection of heat loss in the hatless, however, reveals the claim to be nonsense, say scientists who have dispelled this and five other modern myths."