Jan 10, 2010

bring back my stuff dammit!

omg! i'd started to shut the car door, and there between the seat and the edge of the door were...my favorite blue drugstore glasses i'd lost a few weeks ago.
this was just before xmas. i'd looked everywhere for them!
what was that...someone giggling?
over xmas week we had elves, or maybe mischievous spirits (mom? dad?) in our house. things we searched high and low for would weirdly be found right where we looked!
a ring of my mom's that  i'd lost (i thought) at the movies last xmas turned up in my drawer! and the glasses turned up! the missing piece to the jigsaw puzzle was found days later ...on the floor right by the puzzle! zinnia's sock, eaten by the dryer, turned up days later inside 5's pajamas (which he had been wearing nights).
sometimes when my dad dropped a nut or screw in his workshop, it would totally vanish. 

he told me he'd search the floor with a flashlight, then sweep the floor, and finally he would say out loud "ok that's it. i'm not looking any more." and turn to switch off the light and start to leave.
that did it. they brought it back. whatever they were. have they moved in with me? or were they just visiting for xmas? i swear i heard giggling.


  1. i was thinking yesterday how nice it would be if all my stuff disappeared, or if i could just walk away and leave it all.

  2. We have a lot of stuff that I wouldn't mind disappearing ... as it happens elves were here last night and hid friend Matthew's hat ... he and his 2-yr-old son slept on our couch as it happened and this morning the elves returned his hat (it was behind the couch) but have appropriated one of son Jack's plastic train tracks which I found under the rug after Matthew and Jack had departed ... will return train track at tonight's show ... what next?