Jan 15, 2010

worm and beetle lovers! come out of the woodwork!

ziggy lives across the street. 
i meet him up at the store sometimes. he has friends all over the village, and often stops in at back yards for a happy romp with a tethered neighbor.
he'll join dog-walkers or families out for a stoll down the street.
not everyone in the village has a black lab...it just looks that way with ziggy going along for the outing.
dogs and cats used to live outside with lives of their own.
they hated and loved according to their own scheme of things, sometimes right on the sidewalks downtown, and had interesting litters of puppies and kittens that had to be given away or drowned.
dogs had enemies to play serious games with...cars going by! the plumber! the milkman! the postman!...all of whom had to work out their strategies of dog treats or pepperspray.  it was part of the job.
cats have retained their freedom to a greater exent. cats born and bred inside often don't even know how to kill a mouse! their mum has to teach them, it isn't innate; they may figure it out on their own given enough opportunities.
now there's alot of pressure to keep cats inside, especially strong from bird-lovers.
the worm and beetle lovers would just as soon have the birds kept inside, but they don't get much press.


  1. I can't abide the smell of black beetles - ugh, it's awful. I love earthworms, though. I used to always resue them after it rained.

  2. i have a personal rule about not puttng beetles in my nose. you might want to try it.