Jan 6, 2010

Virtual Light by william gibson and Well of Lost Plots by jasper fforde

loved Virtual Light! (once i got over the slow start).
somehow i read All Tomorrow's Parties first, then Idoru, and never Virtual Light.
totally the wrong way to read a series, but it worked out well, since i don't like suspense.
i still think All Tomorrow's Parties is the best one, the one that got me into the series.
then i read Idoru because i felt like i was one in Second Life.
the ending of Idoru made it all worthwhile.
since then i've read those two at least one more time maybe more.

before 5 lent me Virtual Light, i had just finished #3 of the Thursday Next series, Well of Lost Plots.
same thing...bored for a few chapters, thinking it wouldn't be good, but then it got better and better and in the end...oh just read it sometime if you haven't already.
happily there are two more in that series to look forward to. i hope Gibson does more on the bridge series, i love the stories of the bridge culture.


  1. I've read both these too - liked VL (it was a nice book - there is a game that reminds me of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N1TJP1cxmo) and loved the Well of Lost Plots - I *need* read the others in thats series NOW! :-D

    The game's a good game too - running instead of biking, but very similar themes and concepts - looks amazing too!

  2. it is kind of like it! is this the future or the present i wonder...i know there are couriers for real in New York, maybe other cities too. but on bicycles. even better is the pizza delivery guy chapters in SNOWCRASH!!!! that writing just blows me away!