Apr 21, 2010

WTF? (where's the food?)

  a muster of game wardens cops and firefighters were standing round a pickup truck. this can't be good.
just outside of my village. they looked at ease, at times glancing up into the woods.
  usually they don't cluster like this. had to be something big. more than a rabid racoon in the village, or a moose with brain worm wandering through people's gardens.
maybe those damn beavers again, needing relocation to someone who wants their trees cut down and their property flooded.
  this time the mission is a happy one! a bear has been wandering around near the road, it's head stuck in a milk can. oh goody! a chance to use tranquilizers, bolt cutters, all kinds of ingenuity, and do what people really really deep down inside love to do...be helpful and kind and use tools.
  the sleepy bear awoke in the woods, thinking what bears always think in such circumstances. (maybe something like WTF?)

    "It took a state biologist, firefighters and police about 45 minutes to free the bear"

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