Apr 5, 2010


You ask what i believe in?
I believe -- and it's more than believe -- I know for sure!
My knowing is so powerful, it is unshakeable. I suppose I am special, because I always have known. I was born knowing the truth and feeling the importance of it. And I have spent my life training others in this truth.
You must throw this tennis ball.
Again and again.
This is the most important thing there is. Without this, the world as we know it would end and all the joy to come would vanish! This is the only way to bring about a perfect world!
I will bring it back to you over and over for as long as it takes!
Can you feel how true and important this is?
Some have said I believe this because of my upbringing, or my personality, or even, some say, my DNA! Implying that I have no free will and that this is some kind of delusion rather than the imperative true meaning of life, which apparently not everyone can comprehend.
I believe that if you practice long enough and hard enough, finally throwing this ball properly with grace and discipline, you will learn the truth for yourself. Please believe me!
I want nothing more than your total happiness and salvation!
For this, I am prepared to go on returning it to you again and again.
For as long as it takes.

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