Apr 14, 2010

i'd give it a B

ratings for animals

this funny story was on the NPR website. i started thinking about some of the animals around here and how i would rate them.
squirrels for example. very good at what they do with bird feeders! way too good in fact. you gasp and laugh, even as you contemplate buying a shotgun. still i wouldn't give them an A. not sure why!
rats are another smart funny well adapted animal! A for them? maybe A minus.
racoons - also clever and cute, but I hate the way they throw themselves under approaching cars at night. give them a C
skunks -- cute, but too arrogant. C
woodchucks - the Ferdinands of New England -- they just want to smell the flowers, and eat them. B minus for boring.
deer? moose? beavers?
beavers get an A. beavers cause no end of trouble, but they are awesome.
fisher cats? hmmmm
coyotes -- A for coyotes. If only for their singing.
spring peepers, spotted salamanders, snakes in the grass -- A, A, A
earwigs -- i can't rate earwigs. i cannot be at all objective about them, having shared living space with them for years and come to understand some of their strengths and weaknesses, hope and fears.
maybe I'll have to get the book. he is waaaaay funnier than I am!

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