Apr 15, 2010

n'avi blue men cause panic

last month i saw the blue man group perform.
they were bluer than the n'avi, and funnier too.
here is the part that stuck with me:
each of the three blue guys held a flip-chart as big as himself.
each chart had something different on it.
we were told "only read one. and each time we flip the page, only read one."
you could just quickly scan all 3 after each flip. but in the spirit of it, i tried to only read one.
right away i got a familiar feeling in my stomach - PANIC!
i was good for awhile, then i gave in and tried to read them all!
it was soooo revealing!
i never realized how often i get that feeling.!
what am i missing? which movie to watch, which podcast to listen to, which movies to list on netflicks, which event to attend, which Second Life event to attend...which blogs have i not read yet that tell me what other events/gadgets/podcasts/tweets i might not know about!
it's impossible to keep up with all of it, and that underlying state of slight panic can come to feel normal.
thanks for the lesson, blue men!

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