Dec 28, 2010


gators would have been smart in this powdery snow,
but i never got to try these snowshoes that i bought last spring and i couldn't be bothered.
my hope was that i could fasten myself into them without removing my oldest rawhide ones had actual buckles, and my newer light ones still needed some fiddling to put on.
and i did! no more frozen hands before i even get started!
these are really for trails, not deep snow, but i just wanted to see if i could get to the library
through my neighbor's back yard, then behind the abandoned stone house,
then skirting around the back yard of my nasty neighbor...and i'd be there! with very wet pants!
and then i would have a trail to the library.
across the neighbor's snow i went (they are in florida missing all this fun!), but had to stop at their stone wall.
i couldn't see where exactly the wall was, plus some severe looking blackberry canes were just peeking out of the snow...
next time maybe i'll take ski poles and attempt the wall and the berries, or find a way around.

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