Dec 3, 2010


a few months ago john started having dreams about an orange striped cat named hank.
he went around to some shelters looking, but no orange tabby.
then in october he found one, brought him home, named him hank, and he is one of the funniest cutest and luckiest shelter kittens in history i'm sure!

his favorite toys are 
a coiled up strip of paper
a rolled card tied to a long string
a ball of newspaper
a sock stuffed with 2 balls of newspaper
a paper bag with a few holes cut in it
everything else
he does scientific experiments with these, placing them in different locations and testing out various attack methods. stairs, doors, shoes, are great spots. 
flipping water and food out of his bowls is fascinating too, as is removing teabags from cups.
does he look slightly familiar?

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