Dec 16, 2010

ok i made this up

 christmas was coming soon. 
a woman came to the buddha and asked him to bless her plumbing so it didn't break down when she had house guests, especially in-laws.  
he told her to bring him a toilet brush from a family who had never had this happen. 
she emailed all her friends and finally even put a notice in the newspaper.
but no such family could be found!

so when it happens,
since you are already miserable,
you might as well breathe in the misery of everyone else in the world it is happening to!  
then breathe out a sense of humor and a jolly plumber to all of them!

1 comment:

  1. Z's family here ... no plumbing issues (so far! knock wood!) but it has been pouring rain since they've been here and is supposed to clear up as soon as they leave ... (does this sound, um, familiar?)