Dec 27, 2010

it's going extinct because....

who would read this article through to the end? only someone avoiding washing the kitchen floor. (me).
obviously the scientists involved did not read the last paragraph of this article, or they may have re-thought their ideas on why this bird is so rare, or maybe why it may make a comeback!

read the entire article, or just the first and last paragraph i've pasted below. 
Rare Albatross Expands Its Breeding Grounds
Two pairs of the short-tailed albatross, thought to remain only on two Japanese islands, have been found nesting on Kure Atoll and on Midway Atoll, American wildlife refuges in the Hawaiian Islands.
...and the last paragraph...
The birds that were recently found include one male-female pair, with a fertilized egg, and one female-female pair with two eggs. It is still unclear whether the eggs of the same-sex pair are fertilized.

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