Mar 21, 2010

xmas wreath

did something fly by my head? god i hope it isn't a bat.
from the corner of my eye i saw it, maybe a large moth.
two house finches eventually do get my attention
they're all agitated hopping and chirping in the white spruce behind me.
i look around for cats
i go back to unwinding the wire holding the xmas wreath to the front door.
finally! a week of warmth has melted the ton of snow that slid from the roof and kept the front steps buried all winter.
i can get to the front door and the evergreen wreath.
but here, what's this?
bits of straw and a strip of paper, not much, but now i understand.
mr and mrs finch have chosen this wreath for their first nest of the year.
i got it just in time! looks like work had barely begun.
what a close call!  we could not have used our front door for months
and worse, would have to leave the wreath.
you see it's fine to leave your xmas lights up year round,
and even to light them every night!
but the wreath? now that's just laziness and tacky besides.

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