Mar 19, 2010

red-wings arrived March 15

old man winter turned in early this year.
he'll be up a few times to take a piss.

march and april famed for howling blizzards, hard frosts, flood and ice storm
still the burstling flocks of male red-winged blackbirds arrive
daredevils of weather and starvation in their land rush.

faint heart ne'er won small plump dull colored warm hearted egg sitter
she's still in florida but she'll require a nice view
safe from foxes snakes jays and high water.

perching on his claimed plot he proclaims his bravery, his good looks, his daring
and gathered with companions in tree tops,
blasts us awake with the news that Spring will come soon.

1 comment:

  1. Love their whistling calls from swaying tall grass. Thanks for this post, delightful!