Mar 1, 2010

the complete kitchen, and it dances!

Frofidor Niekerk often has a new avatar to present at Show & Tell. usually something so terrifying and dangerous looking, i mostly hide under the bleachers.  he often wins the biggest portion of the pot, as his creations are ingenious and imaginative, and can dance, even if they don't always come in pink. (the most frequent question at Show & Tell is "does it come in pink?") 
on sunday, he presented an avatar i could use!  i wanted one the minute i saw it....and not only that, he gave them away to everyone pots, a kitchen robot!  and here i am dancing up a storm as ms pots.

see the waffle iron arm and cheese grater calf?


  1. I love it! Can you pose for CC?

  2. i'm not sure anyone asked...nor did they ask the 2nd most frequent question, does it dance? the biggest question was -- can i have one of those beers in the fridge?