Mar 27, 2010

the show must go on but all things must end

     for the past 3 years at this time of year i'd be preparing for the opening of a new season of TSMGO!  practicing my unicyle riding, writing and re-writing a skit, making a set and figuring out costumes...but not this year. it feels like such a loss!
     i remember the first show ever. we were sooo nervous, we could not believe it! we hid in the dressing room (a hole beside the makeshift stage), shaking with stagefright, reminding each other it wasn't real!. the first show took place on a raised platform in the parking lot of a car dealership. for months we had been rehearsing weekly, a raucous affair attended by everyone in the show, watching and helping with each other's acts, as well as antics like rezzing herds of buffalo with the starax wand or turning into blobs of jello and anything else we could come up with! those rehearsals were so much fun!
     after the first show we played music and the audience and cast danced and were silly in the parking lot for an hour! i was dancing with my friend gigi who had borrowed her husband's avatar for the evening. someone asked me if 'he' was my boyfriend and we laughed and laughed!
     well time to move on i suppose. now there are so many entertainment choices in second life, nothing like our variety show, but the energy and commitment is no longer there. last year everyone just worked on their act alone, showed up and did it, or so it seemed to me. the audience loved it, and we did too, but it is a lot of work!
     i'm searching for a good picture from the first season. if i find one i'll post it here. we were more into doing than documenting way back then! send me one if you have one!


  1. /me weeps.
    But you don't want to do acts that we'd film? That was my intention.
    I just am in a hard place right now and can't muster any energy to get started :(

  2. awww, i didn't mean to say it was because of you Osprey. I know you don't have the energy, and frankly, it takes a huge amount to make the show happen and herd all of us cats. you have a knack of inspiring creativity and commitment!i don't see it as up to you alone to make it go!

  3. I'll miss it this year, but I know I just don't have the time or energy to devote to it. I really hope this changes for next year and in the meantime I'm looking foreward to making TV shows of the TSMGO for GBC :)