Nov 22, 2010

monster dream

one night i dreamt that a monster -- a blobby yucky sort of monster -- was eating all my winter clothes. 
it didn't want to especially, and i didn't want it to, but it had to be done somehow and we commiserated over it. 
"i suppose you will have to eat all my summer clothes too" i sez.
it sez resignedly with a sigh, "oh, you have summer clothes?" 
"yes, they are stored in the attic."
and so it had to eat them too.
plus all the stuff stored there, and the mystery boxes of who knows what inherited from great aunties or bought or received as wedding gifts, and even the big cut glass stuff my mom had for fancy dinners that nobody wanted after she died and who knows  where it is now either my brother took it for his girls or it went to the salvation army and some canny dealer bought it up. 
yes, the monster had to eat all that too!
poor thing!

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