Nov 27, 2010

elephant sanctuary much

this morning over oatmeal i read Trunklines from the elephant sanctuary -- loved it as usual -- and flitting in the back of my mind was the thought of how buddhist-sounding the expressions and presentations of the writer are. 
for some reason i assume he/she is not buddhist, and i idly mused on how much buddhism is the same as any open, compassionate way of thinking and living.
once that thought came, tho, i became aware of how scrupulously religion-free the writing about the elephants is. this is unusual in this day and age, when frequently there is an annoying religious tint or hint in any tale of doing of good.
i came to no conclusions except that these were wonderfully good people.
then on the last page, was a sad, loving notice of the death of one of the elephants.
the last word was "namaste."

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