Nov 23, 2010

man who shot etc

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance -- not a movie i ever wanted to see, but i got talked into it recently.  halfway through, i didn't want to watch any more, but i stuck with it to the end!
the next day i realized why it's a guy movie. 

(okay so this is gross generalization and stereotyping.  just keep in mind what my dear daddy always told me, "all generalizations are false." (yes including that one!))

inside a guy's mind:
inside a guy's mind is a mean, scary out-of-control guy prone to murderous rages.
inside a guy's mind is a guy who lives by the heart.  he loves deeply, cares hugely about all his friends and animals, he takes care of everyone and is always alert to protect everyone he loves from danger, even at the expense of his own happiness.
inside a guy's mind is a guy who lives by higher principle, who will fight for what he believes in and even lose his own life over it.
so there you go.
roles for women in this movie - uh - right.  plot device anyone?
imagine the fun i could have analyzing it if Annie Oakley showed up and shot Liberty V.
the history part is interesting -- women obviously couldn't vote, pommey couldn't come in the saloon, the railroad ruined the open ranges for the cattlemen -- tho they seem to be making out ok these days due to the gummint giving them huge wads of our money.
"Oklahoma" was way more fun even if the farmers and the cowboys couldn't be friends.

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