Aug 19, 2010

why i not on F-book

suppose lex luthor or j edgar hoover tried setting up a form on the internet and requiring that everyone fill one out with name, picture, some personal information...would that have worked?
i'll bet you said NO WAY!
suppose someone or some corporation a bit more sly and results-oriented used the technology from Inception to infiltrate the dreams of some college student to influence him to create an internet site with information and pictures of everyone in his yearbook? the expectation (evil genius' expectation, not college student's) that this would be irresistable and soon everyone in the world for the most part would want to be on it?
don't worry about me being disappeared, very few people read my blog, and anyway it's a bit like telling people you were abducted by aliens or saw big-foot.
yeah, right.

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  1. Hey Lucy, I deactivated my FB account; I guess we are twins! I had changed my password, but then I decided that whoever decoded the old one could do it again, so buh-bye FB!