Aug 17, 2010

well you looked like you were asleep, you were even snoring!

seeking oblivion i arrive at sleep's door
knock knock knock knock!
the door does not open.
i knock louder, pounding.
"are you prepared to sleep?" asks a poster.
teeth brushed, face washed.
wearing soft clothing.
what more?

my body then.
beginning with toes i command relaxing.
i continue on and on
finally unclenching
now all is calm and soft.

gently i knock again.
the door moves a crack.
one eye to the opening i gaze in with envy.
cats dozing in fields of poppies,
bats swaying peacefully above
and in distant water dolphins
hang motionless just beneath the surface.

but no!
before i can melt into mist
and flow through the opening -
hands take hold of me!
my job! my bank account! what i said to my friend!
no no no....pulling me back from sleep's door!
let me go!
let me dissolve and think no more today.
i grab the handle holding on for all i am worth!

the hands let me go
and i rebound,
flung through the door into sleep
not even knowing i am there
until the sun wakes me to another day.

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