Aug 20, 2010

a tale of suspense and mystery!

he was half way through his morning tea when the feeling of horror came over him.
last night unlike his usual sleepless nights, he fell asleep on the sofa after dinner and slept through until morning.
he felt rested!
yesterday his neighbor up the hill left for a week's vacation. she asked him to lock up the chickens in their coop each evening and let them out in the mornings.
but he'd fallen asleep.
the feeling of dread intensified as he headed up the morning hill, images of massacred chickens filled his mind.
he feared the worst and arrived at the pen
only to find...the worst.
some feathers.
no chickens.
he looked through the fields and woods, called the neighbors, organized a disorganized search party.
eventually 3 chickens were found.
a 4th was found in a field, wounded, but refused to be captured.
attempts to lure it into a cage were getting underway when the farmer arrived to mow his field.
no! no! wait...we have to capture this injured chicken!
there were 8 chickens when she left for the week.
will there still be 4 when she returns?
something watches us and waits.
and they say we don't have much excitement around here!

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