May 24, 2012

preschool readiness

the school is adding a pre-school class for next year!  i checked to see if any dolls or stuffies wanted to move on from their quiet shelf to an adventurous social life in a pre-school, and a few were ready to go!
  but the school says they will have to be sealed up in a black plastic bag for 30 days once they arrive.  
  sounds dreadful. 

 hard to know what they think, but i have strong misgivings.  
  sure it makes sense, but it's almost summer so they could end up in a bag in a closet at the school the whole summer!  or worse, some less-than-alert person could mistake them for a trash bag (which is what they'll be in) and toss them in the dumpster!
not sure i'm ready for this move. 
 maybe i'll keep them until school opens again and then take them over and introduce them.


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