May 14, 2012

keeping the lights on

kudos to our electric company!  they deserved the Edison Electric Institute's 2011 Emergency Recovery Award. here's the summary of recovery from the storm last August.  we may not have had roads or bridges or water, by we had electricity!

Given the destruction of hundreds of roads and bridges, CVPS initially thought restoration of electricity would take weeks, but officials decided early in the recovery that a lack of roads would not stop the restoration efforts.  Employees were told to do whatever was necessary to safely restore service. Employees:
  • Hiked, biked and used off-road motorcycles and ATVs to access areas where roads disappeared.
  • Hired a contractor to build a temporary road to bypass massive washouts and allow immediate access to several towns, including Mendon and Killington, after Route 4 was washed away. Crews restored all power in Mendon and Killington in a day; Route 4 took 18 days to repair.
  • Installed a portable substation to restore power to three isolated towns after the local substation in Rochester was destroyed.
  • Surveyed, staked and built miles of entirely new lines in new places after existing lines and the roads they abutted disappeared.

And i think they had fun doing it.

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