Nov 3, 2011

perfectlynormalbeasts detour past my house

grandma moses had the perspective nailed.
when i look across the back yard to the hill above the stream, it really does look like a flat 2 dimensional hill going straight up with black lines that are the tall riverbank trees.  
yesterday, while i was out doing mostly ineffectual bits of this and that to the mud left by Irene, i heard loud cow-calls and looked across at the hillside to see 4 large black muscular long horned cattle-things moving single file across the middle of the flat backdrop of the hill, right midway up in the trees. 
flying cows!  
and suddenly i remembered a dream from last week of huge black cattle flying through the trees, like some japanese movie.
one of them noticed me hunkering behind a tree trunk and flew down with bovine curiosity to close its muzzle over my hand.
i yelled as loud as i could to chase it off, and john shook me awake for my hollering.
in retrospect i think you are supposed to hit them on the nose.

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got camera barely in time to catch a straggler mooing after the others

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