Jun 13, 2011

Raglan Film Festival

Still raining, raining, raining! fortunately yesterday, as it rained and rained, mudpie was able to attend the tiny machinima festival awards (The Otters).  ten machinima were screened as over 50 tinies cheered, commented, nommed, a few biggies attended too. 
here are links to 2 of the best, one of which has a brief glimpse of mudpie singing wootmas carols, and the other is by my good friend enjah and lucy was playing piano in one scene but i think maybe it ended up on the editing floor :-(  
or is that lucy at the second tavern?
anyway, here you have some of the best of tiny machinima

and a documentary  Merry Wootmas

to see some more go here Raglan Shire Film Festival 2011


  1. Lucy plays piano in the feature film that will be coming out, based on this silent film clip.

  2. I should have written it like this:
    There will be a feature film based on this silent film clip; release is planned for fall 2011. In the feature film, Lucy has a cameo as the piano player in the French tavern scene where Joe meets Hunneh Bunneh and falls hopelessly, helplessly and obsessively in love with her.

  3. Also, please move rain southward ... we have cracks in the earth now, big enough to trip Bo when he is trotting.