Feb 5, 2011

Blue Lagoon

yesterday i installed phoenix standard on my old laptop. 
right away mudpie went to raglan to test it out, and ended up at a kind of charades game.
the contestant had to create clues from prims (simple 3D shapes) --
clues to the words or phrase the rest had to guess.
mudpie didn't know how the game worked exactly,
but got all caught up and correctly guessed one!
wow she won 25 lindens!
but then - uhoh - turns out she had to be the next one up!
how the heck do you create prims using phoenix? omg.
i did figure that out, and her words were "blue lagoon."
after a few false starts i managed to make a flat oval
and fill it with BLUE. 
then i decided to add water texture.
then i found a fish in mudpie's inventory and added that.
the fish swam round and round - and someone guessed "blue lagoon"!!
what i hadn't noticed was that the moderator, awenbunny, had
been hollering at mudpie in chat "you can't use textures!"
and then with the fish, she completely lost it!
that was totally against the rules!
luckily it was raglan, home of the fun-loving tinies,
so everyone laughed and laughed.
awenbunny said she laughed so hard her dimples hurt!

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