Dec 10, 2015

a grant to watch hoses

i'm thinking it would be of great value to the human race for someone to get a grant to study hoses.  to set up cameras to film them full time.  not just hoses, but electtrical cords, strings of xmas lights, string, skeins of yarn, ribbons, you know what i'm talking about!
maybe it should be crowd sourced, camera kits could be given out and the citizens of the world could record the storage of these items.  
we will never know WHY they become entangled, unless we learn to communicate with them, but we can at least seee how they do it and when.  do they entangle just when you go to get them, or just when you store them, or slowly over time.
or, oh dear, perhaps like that poor cat in a box, they only entangle if they are not being watched, in which case the camera surveillence would be a waste of time.
but wait!  maybe not!  then we would know how to keep them neat... just never leave them unobserved!  

1 comment:

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