Mar 15, 2013

emergency in the snow

local emergency volunteers get a call that a grandfather, snowmobiling with his grandson out in the middle of nowhere, turned around and realized his grandson was not behind him!

he retraced his path, but didn't find the boy.  he rode on to the nearest town and called 911 for help.

dozens of people show up in response, as word spreads of the lost child.
their snowmobiles comb the area for this kid.
it was the event of the year!

one smart rescuer decides to go back to the parking area the pair started out from, and discovers the boy, waiting in the car. 

turns out the boy is 18, not a child as people had imagined, and driving his own snowmobile!  
when grandpa got too far ahead, grandson turned around and drove back to the car to wait for his return.

no doubt there's plenty of grumbling, but given the happy outcome, i'm sure a good time was had by all!

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