Apr 30, 2012

spring memories

two separate stories of parents told to me this weekend, by guys who are older than 50 but not elderly. i love to hear people's stories.
does spring makes us think of our childhood?

1. my father's mother took in laundry and that's probably how he got polio as a child. he had no use of his legs and in order for him to function at all, they had to destroy his knees and ankles. he was like charles atlas from the waist up, so muscular from pushing himself around.  he made platforms to sit on and after he died we found a big box of casters in the garage -- those were his way to move. Me: how did he meet your mom?  they grew up next door to each other. knew each other all of their lives. 

2. my mother had a day care at a bowling alley.  in a room this size (a 12 x 10 or so) she had up to 50 kids, including babies in cribs. this was when i was a teenager. she had no time to care for me then, and i was sent to live with an uncle.

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