Feb 24, 2012

country mouse

i couldn't believe how long it took to pick up a carton of milk on the way home.  i'd recently moved from the city, where you took your stuff to the counter, paid, and you were out of there.  now i had to stand in line while the checker conversed with each customer...and even worse, when my turn came, i was expected to comment on the weather and exchange other inane pleasantries before leaving with my purchases.
i thought of this today as i stood in line, an activity i've come to know as an opportunity to chat with anyone else in the line, and then, at the counter, discovering that the checker is a friend i haven't seen in awhile and we catch up on each others' lives. she even came around from behind the counter for a happy new year hug. i glanced back at the people waiting in line, hoping they were all from around here.  even at the pharmacy when i pick up some meds or something, the pharmacist comes around the counter for a hug!

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