Aug 21, 2011

making vinegar

friends used to talk about fruit flies - even get into animated conversations with strangers - it was some class i guess i didn't sign up for....breeding fruit flies.
my neighbor has given me a big bowl of blackberries from her bushes. 
or are they black raspberries?  the internet says: Black raspberries become hollow in the middle when picked from the main plant whereas the blackberries retain its stem.
must be black raspberries.
last year i froze much of what she gave me, then never knew what to do with them. 
so this year i am making vinegar. 

here's how:
cover berries with water.
mash them up.
pour into a sterilized jar (i boiled a large canning jar for a bit)
cover with cloth and a rubber band (i used a flowered handkerchief i found in my drawer - where/when did i ever get that?)
wait 3 months or so until the mother (gloop on top) falls to bottom and then pour off the vinegar!
sounds easier than the saurkraut i tried to make last year and ended up throwing away !
but what about the fruit flies?
they seem to like the idea, and gather on the top.  what are they doing?  
if they are sitting, ok, but if they are laying eggs or pooping, i'm not happy about that.
i can't see that they are leaving anything there...they just seem to like to gather in the vinegary atmosphere.
i guess i should have taken that class!

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  1. As it turns out, you can catch more bears with vinegar.