May 15, 2011

what to do with bin laden

my computer shut itself off
it had some important update thing going on for itself.
meanwhile, i'd left an unsaved note to myself
with a long poemy sort of thing 
asking have you found your inner bin laden
and that it's important to do so
but then what --
don't want to kill off part of yourself!
bin laden's a smart energetic dude
if you find where yours is hiding
best plan is to turn all that energy
to something beneficial!
anyway, i didn't say it just right
and it was too long anyway
and now it's gone.
but i like the idea.
you know -- bin laden lives on
in each of us.
but most of us don't know him.
he hides out in a cave or mansion
and ambushes us from time to time
and we say omg how could i do/say 
something like that!


  1. near as i could tell from the pictures, he was an old guy in a bathrobe watching himself on television ... i guess i might have one of those in me somewhere

  2. don't let that fool you - remember Slartibartfast is an old man who sings to his cat, and he's the ruler of the universe! those old men in their bathrobes can be powerful and even evil!! and if you have an inner-bin-laden's-cat watch out for that too!!

  3. bones to pick:

    1 - Slartibartfast is a recently awakened Magrathean planet-builder ...

    2 - the Ruler Of The Universe, an old man who sings to his cat, is only ever identified as "The Ruler Of The Universe" and only, I believe, is ever called that by Zarniwoop ...

    OBL bathrobe/TV pic in yer email ... his place looks kinda like our place ... "mansion", pah

  4. oh jeez you are right....was he the guy who designed Norway's fjords or something? I dint send any pic in any live in a mansion?? wow.

  5. no, I sent YOU a pic ... and his place looks like a hovel ... as does ours. In fact, I think our place looks BETTER, so reports of OBL's "mansion" may have been exaggerated is all I'm saying ... and the pic is from ME, and it's in YOUR email !! ~whew~