Jan 17, 2011

driving route 1

i always think it should be fun to take road trips in second life, along the public highways.  but vehicles are difficult to control, and the scenery went by too fast to rez, so i didn't see much!
today i noticed a car in my lost and found, so i rezzed it, and decided to take it for a spin on rte 1.
driving seems much smoother now!  even getting a bit of the scenery and buildings as i tooled along!  sim crossings didn't crash me either.
the only problem was finding a place to stop!  i drove on and on -- no spot where i could park and resume my journey next time i logged in.  if i stop just anywhere, i have to go back to the beginning to rez my car.
finally i found a parking/rezing stop!  like finding a rest area on a real life highway!  yippee! 
however, i must say, it could win a prize for most boring spot in second life!
click for total boring effect - car was freebie from burning life or man or whatever it was

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