Sep 17, 2010

on the doggy internet everyone is a dog

i'm digging a hole in the compost pile and our next-door dog is lying relaxed nearby on her property.  at first i feel bad for her because it is overcast damp and chill.
then i realize she has a coat meant for somewhere like the arctic! she probably feels we finally have some nice weather.
but she is tied out alone poor thing.
she barks. i look up. she has not moved, just a couple of deep loud laid back "woof"s. my ever-alert mind informs me that just previous, without my noticing, a dog up the valley barked just like that. Stella was merely commenting or replying, perhaps to a chain of dogs up and down the valley. she is not alone!
she is hanging out. not texting exactly, more woofing i suppose, with her friends. reminds me a bit of Rat Thing, one of my favorite creations of Snow Crash.
at the same moment it dawns on me that the bluejays are doing something similar, but with them, it is always crisis time!

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