May 3, 2010

500 Linden 3rd prize (enough for great hair, shoes, or even a gown!)

some of mudpie's notes for haiku are already on this blog somewhere, but mudpie put together 4 and submitted to a Community Virtual Library (Second Life) poetry contest and won 3rd prize of 500 Lindens.  You've one third prize in the CVL Poetry Contest for "Notes For Haiku"  I'll be sending you $500 L in SL tomorrow or later tonight.

notes for haiku
by mudpie mornington

drum is cracked
still sounds
can't be repaired

gorilla mother carries dead baby
shakes it now and then
it has not decomposed

water stain on the ceiling
has no shape no message
that is the message

small snow trail track ends
in strange sweeps and ripples
blood and a feather

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